Neil Miranda

Neil credits his musical tastes in large part to his two older sister's. From Joni Mitchell to James Taylor, CSNY, Beatles, Stones, and many others from the classic rock vault, Neil's songwriting has some of these early influences on the pages of his many songs. This most recent album project Runaway Angel has been a labor of love. Taking Neil and his music collaborators Jim Allison and Monroe Mullins a few months now to complete. From the studios of Nashville and back to New Jersey this 16 Song album explodes with great songs. The experiences of love found and lost as in the songs Everytime It Rains or Runaway Angel. or when Neil sings about his faith in Where Eagles Fly, and than we see mini stories written about our great country with songs like American Made or American Roads, your bound to get it all on this album. But the best part of this is the ride has just begun so buckle up and come out and see Neil and Runaway Angel. 

Neil Miranda , singer,songwriter,guitar,drum,harmonica

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